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Exploratory (6th – 8th Grade)

From grades six to grade eight is the best time for a student to decide what they are most interested in. Students will be given the opportunity to sample their favorite courses in hopes to select a course that will guide them to a career path through our Interest Inventory. From 6th-8th Grade our students would have experienced up to fifteen different programs. They will develop a healthy portfolio of projects that will be archived and can be used for advancement in college or a career path.<br />

On-site Observation (9th Grade)

Students in the ninth grade will be given the opportunity to do field studies. Once a student is in ninth grade they will by then have chosen a field of work that they are most interested in. We will then take them on trips to our partnering and will give them real-world exposure in their field of choice. Students will receive advanced training in their field of choice at our central location while continuing field studies throughout the month. (Example: James has selected film production, James will then go on a field study to IMN Lightment Productions and learn the ins and outs of this field while spending time at our central location).<br />

Officially Assigned Mentor (10th Grade)

Students will be assigned a mentor who is a professional in the field of study the student has chosen. This mentor will guide them as they progress through high school, teaching them what they need to know in order to be successful in their chosen field. The mentor will provide them with job information, internship opportunities and credentials needed to work in the field. Our mentors will be business owners, career professionals as well as men and women from the community. All mentors will be assigned a student and complete a full background check. Our mentors will meet with the students regularly throughout the month as well as engage in weekly phone calls to ensure each student is staying on the right track.

Internship / Apprenticeship (10th-12th Grade)

Students in the tenth grade now have the opportunity to receive an internship with a partnering company of Generation Outreach. This internship will last from the time they start either the tenth or eleventh grade and could possibly last even after they graduate. These internships can also result in a company offering the student a permanent position. Students who do not have an internship with a company will continue to learn at our central location daily. Internships could be up to five days per week. On days that they are not scheduled for their internship they will be required to attend training at our Generation Outreach facilities. Generation OUtreach will apply for grants in order to pay students to work with different companies if that company is unable to employ the student. We want all of our students working and making money.<br />

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