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chad-whyche-editedMusic Production Course Overview:

Here at Generation Outreach we will be exploring the field of Music Production. Students will have the opportunity to gain hands on experience while working with professional studio equipment as well as a professional mentor. This course will teach them the ins and outs of sequencing, mixing, recording, mastering and much more. Students will enter the door not knowing much about music production but when they leave they will have a new found knowledge of the world of music. Students receive a portfolio where all of their created music is stored. Projects created by the students could be featured in videos, video games, commercials and other outlets within our after school program.

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justinVideo Production Course Overview  

This course offers students the opportunity to learn what it takes to be a video producer. Students learn how to operate a professional camera, use editing software and how to set up a film shoot. By the students participating in this course they will have an understanding of video production and if this is a career they would like to pursue. Through the two weeks’ students will create a TV show called Generation Youth. We will then schedule an air date on CW16.




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Game Design Course Overview

In the Game Design course students are not playing video games, they’re creating them. Our instructors teach them the ins and outs of the software used to create professional games. Through the ten weeks’ students will create their very own playable video game. This course is for students who have a desire to learn about game development and give them an opportunity to create their first video game. Students will learn the basics of game design with a foundation built on creativity, problem solving, and team work. The first half of the course will teach the fundamentals of what it takes to make a game. The second half of the course will be making a finished game to play.

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Magazine Creation Course Overview    

Through our Magazine Creation Course the students have a lot of fun. They get to design their own magazine. We teach them how to write the stories, how to set a spread as well as how to create the graphic content for the magazine. Students also receive an understanding of typography and its importance in the branding world. At the end of the program the students are able to see their work published in a real magazine. Each student will be given many magazines to hand out to friends and family members to show off their work.




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Sneaker Creation Course Overview

Our Sneaker Creation course has received the most attention lately. In a world where sneakers are everything to young people, and they are willing to pay upwards of two hundred dollars for a pair of sneakers that cost ten dollars to make. We attempt to change their mindsets. Students in this program will work together to create a pair of Sneakers through a special software used in the sneaker industry. At the end of the program each student will get to put on a pair of sneakers that they created.




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Web Design

This course offers students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of a rapidly growing field, “Web Design”. Students will learn how to use WordPress as well as some basic coding. They will also receive an understand of the correlation between web design and graphic design. Through the two-week program the students will create their very own website. Each student who contributes will have their portfolio featured as a page on the website.

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