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Property Acquisition

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Property Acquisition: Owning property is fundamental in the quest for financial freedom. But students rarely, if ever, have an opportunity or an understanding of this lucrative field. Our Property Acquisition course is designed to change that. Apprentices will learn about credit, loans, property value, equity, renting vs owning, flipping,auctions, building a real estate portfolio and so much more. Each topic is presented in a fun and competitive way. Our students will become experts in this field by the time they reach 11th grade. Generation Outreach will invest into our students by helping them with their first start up property. What a way to end your high school career, this will be the best gift to a graduating senior.


Investing In Our Youth

As the students progress through our program we will assist them in the home/commercial property  buying process. Not only through advice or direction but by giving them a monetary investment. So what does this mean? We will help students with closing cost and initial down payments as well as part of the renovation cost. In return our investors will own part of the property along with the student. This will also ensure that we have someone who is fully knowledgeable working together with each student. We plan on building an entire team of young real estate investors.This will not only put money directly into their pockets but will also satisfy our investors and any loans acquired.  Every one of our students will be required to complete the real estate acquisition course and leave with at least one property. This is how we change the future generations.


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