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GO Mall

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For years Rochester has been known as a city stricken by poverty, infested with crime and drugs. Its value is on the decline. Generation Outreach is looking to turn the negative perception of the city around by providing a landmark of positivity through our campus.


With all of the components of Generation Outreach, space is a necessity. We want to provide a space for teens that presents an alternative to crime, street loitering, and drugs. This campus will house multiple career accommodations combining creativity and architectural design, the spaces provided through the campus will give the students the feel of working in a “real world” environment. Imagine a place where work and play collide; a place where creativity is encouraged, goals are established and careers begin. This campus will provide students with a utopic atmosphere tailored to each of their specific goals. We intend to make Generation Outreach’s central location a place where students want to be and learn.

As Generation Outreach prepares for this exciting next step, we continue to generate positive results from our off-site programs. Our growing off-site programs at RIT, Hillside, Summer of Opportunities and the Central Library of Rochester has given students the opportunity to learn and produce work, helping prepare them for a future career.

We believe we have found the perfect location to put our plans into action. The former Jumping Jungle location on 47 Parkway is now available and we believe this is the central location for the G.O program. With 20,000 square feet and two floors, this location is everything we are looking for in a home. G.O will be able to turn this building into almost 20 different learning and career specific sections. It has the look and feel of a teen attraction. We are prepared to provide this building with the proper renovations to house the G.O program. In this location we will have the opportunity to revitalize the neighborhood through monthly clean ups, murals, planting flowers, etc. When people drive through this area they will feel welcomed, happy and amazed by this community we are building. The building will be comprised of two different sections: the careers, academics and trade section as well as the GO Mall section.

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